This is what it sounds like

i have an issue with the local 80s (and now 90s as well--but that's a different issue) radio station. i think we can all agree that there are certain established artists that have had strings of hits in the past twenty years. obviously, these artists are played consistently on the local 80s problem there. my problem comes with the choice of songs by said artists.

this station plays prince. lots and lots of prince. but they have a tendency to play "1999", "your kiss"....the crap amongst prince's hits. why oh why oh why-o do they avoid bona fide great songs like "when you were mine" or even "when doves cry"? i don't get it.

and duran duran. yes, they play lots of them as well. but instead of playing "a view to a kill" (yes, yes...the coolest bond theme ever), they focus on "rio" and "hungry like the wolf."

the above was a whole lot more interesting when i thought about it at work earlier this evening. i apologize. it does, however, remind me of something from high school.

i didn't have a car in high school. my senior year (i think), i had two lunch periods back to back--long boring story about class scheduling in centerville. since i had so much time for lunch, i would usually hang out with a group of people--okay, i'll admit it. i'd hang out in the band room. shut up. no, i'm serious--shut up. anyway, there were these two girls who had the same long lunch situation as i did, and they would always go out to lunch at wendy's or wherever. one day they asked me if i wanted to go. since i had a thing for one of the girls, i said sure.

i was then thrust into an endless sea of deep blue something. you see, one of the girls had a tape of that deep blue something album that has "breakfast at tiffany's." whenever we went out for lunch, we'd listen to "breakfast at tiffany's" over and over and over again--driver girl was obsessed with the song.

the point of all this is that i found i could accurately figure out my mood based on my reaction to "breakfast at tiffany's." no matter how subtle my moods were, they exploded to the forefront when that song would start up. it was the strangest thing.

i heard "breakfast at tiffany's" while at work today. i developed this stupid little half-smile. goes to show my mood today.