Working on the night moves

some notes:

no post last night, as i was up entirely too late playing a video game with dave. yeah yeah, shut up.

i did indeed buy a pda the other day, after much hand-wringing and research. in case you're wondering, this is the one i got (the silver one). i'm rather proud of myself, since after a mail in rebate, i'll pay about $60 less than the regular price. go me.

my life is really boring right now. as much as i try to convince myself that now that i have this pda, i'll save money left and right, thus allowing myself to do exciting things that i ordinarily wouldn't be able to do...well, i don't see that happening. but it's nice to think, isn't it?

i am now playing that very popular, and ever-so-slightly dangerous, game known as "i know the milk supposedly expired yesterday, but i think it's still good." i live life on the edge, i know. ride along if you dare.

i never did this, but belated thanks both to kate and to sonya for the postcards. now i can pretend that i've been to seattle and to banff. travelling the world vicariously through others may not be as interesting, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

my older brother has promised me that the first song played at the reception at his wedding in october will, in fact, be "mr. roboto." i'm not sure if his fiancee knows this yet.

along the same lines, i have to send my brother my measurements for my tux (bill: always the usher, never, head usher?). the problem with this is that i have no idea about things like my outseam and junk like that. i'm not sure how to get this information, as most tailors would probably laugh at me if i asked them just to measure me, and nothing else. and asking people i know would seem like a come-on (hey, wanna check my inseam?). maybe i'll just make up some numbers, resulting in the oddest-fitting (and -looking) tux ever.

cd count: thirty-five (??--i may be wrong)--i finally got around to buying modest mouse, this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about. now i haven't had a chance to really listen to it yet, but am i wrong for thinking it odd that the album's title is most closely mirrored in the song "a life of arctic sounds," even though that song is not on this album? it's just me, isn't it?

i can't help but be weirded out when i notice the sun coming up while i'm still awake, even if i don't actually have to be at work until 4:30 in the afternoon.