A new era begins

this is now officially my first post to the ol' weblog using movable type. sure, sure...it's not the easiest thing to mess with template-wise (i.e. so many options, i'm not sure what's what), but it's all on my server, and the interface is nice. so i'll stick with it.

in addition, this is also the unveiling of the new site. frankly, i'm glad to be done with it--i've spent many hours staring at a couple of pixels worth of space, wondering what the hell is going on (case in point: the weird background-not-stopping-at-the-line thing that is above--a minor point, sure, but it's been pissing me off). as usual, too much time was spent worrying about the big picture and about tiny tiny tiny nitpicking-type things.

the short version of all this is that i'm done...thank god.

and if you notice anything bizarre, anything that looks weird, by all means comment below or e-mail me at the address on your left. many thanks for your patience, and welcome to my new home.

i've been thinking about getting

i've been thinking about getting my hair cut tomorrow. this is not ground-breaking news normally, i know, but i haven't had someone else cut my hair for about six/eight months (i'm not up on temporal memory), instead relying on some scissors in my bathroom and my not-so-keen eye for balance and all the crap you need to give a proper haircut.

so i don't know what to do. do i rely on the iffy credentials of some girl who's younger than me in some strip mall (you don't expect me to pay more than fifteen bucks for a haircut, do you? i'm a guy, for chrissake), or do i overcome my constant fear of accidentally shaving my head and do it myself? stay tuned for the answer on the next exciting installment of lovelettertypewriter.

i'm proud of myself, by the way. i've bought two different items in the last few months that had rebates, and i've actually remembered to send in both rebate forms. it's a small victory, but it's a small victory that will net me $25. woo hoo.