I have been distant

i feel horrible. really i do.

i've spent so long doing nothing but working, sleeping, and messing with html, and in the process of doing that i have neglected, well, everything. e-mails, random comments on those people's websites that have commenting systems, phone calls, etc., etc.

i'll get back in to the swing of things eventually. until then, bear with me.

oh, and in case you're wondering, i haven't done anything of interest lately. really. that, and i'm thinking of buying a pda some time this week, which will officially induct me into the dork hall of fame.

if such a place exists, i'm sure there's a plexiglass display case with my name on it.

i know that this will

i know that this will probably come as a disappointment to some, but i'm not going to be posting for the next several days. reason? there are two. first, i've been working early this week, so i haven't been conscious enough to think of anything to write in here for a couple of days. and two, because ideally i will be moving in to the new site by the end of this work week. so if you come here, and there's nothing here, go on over to amusiac.net and see if things are up and running there.

still many questions to be answered on the subject of the new site, so if it's up by friday, consider me lucky. if not, oh well. those with links leading here, expect an e-mail some time soon.

i broke down and cut my own hair this evening. as usual, i cut it too short, and the back probably looks like a one-armed attention-starved five year-old was responsible for it. but you know what? i didn't have to spend any money, and i didn't have to talk to a stranger bearing clippers to get it done, so i consider the mission a success.

go carolina! i can't believe that they actually managed to win game one against the red wings. good day.

new mp3s that have impressed me: ugly casanova, rilo kiley, oxes, rex, lightheavyweight, lullaby for the working class. righteous.