Never gonna give you up

i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but if i have...oh well. it occurred to me earlier today, and i figured i'd write it here.

back when i was ten years old, i had a hero. i had a musician who epitomized cool to me, who was the end-all and be-all of pop music. sure, there were those of you who thought at that time that bon jovi's new jersey was the coolest thing ever, or who thought that robert palmer could do no wrong. some of you knew in your heart of hearts that michael stipe would always have hair and that rem would never release a sub-par album. hell, there were some of you who were heartbroken that milo had gone back to school, and you wondered what would ever become of the descendents. and the ultra-cool were pondering every blasted moment of daydream nation and proclaiming kim and thurston rock royalty. but that's not what i was doing. i was idolizing one jasminelive man.

who was that person, you might ask?

the man with the hair. the man with the video where he shuffled his jacket back and forth in the coolest way possible, and had a dancer do a back flip off a wall. that's right, i wanted to be rick astley.

look at that jacket. daaaaaaaaaaamn.

there are days when i still wish i was him.

(he's still around, in case you didn't know. now it appears as though he wants to be duncan sheik. no matter--that watch probably costs more than i do.)

(fun fact: rick astley's album whenever you need somebody went double platinum in the united states. but....but it went four times platinum in canada.)

I stole a pretty bride

first and foremost--two cavities. yep...not nearly as bad as i thought. one is small, one is, to use my dentist's (dr. jan is a he, by the way) words, "very very large." i need to go back in august (?!?!?) to see if i need a root canal or just a filling. i'm relieved that i now know, but i'm pissed that i have to wait a month and a freakin' half before i get them fixed.

i was talking with dave earlier about the whole "under god" thing with the pledge of allegiance. i told him that in high school i never stood for the pledge of allegiance, but it was not because of the god part, just the rest of it. i was an angsty, angsty young man.

tiny mix tapes informed me that sixteen horsepower is releasing their next album on jetset records. i don't care about the jetset records part (although they are a fine, fine record label, and their radio contact guy was a really nice guy--yes vasant, i actually talked to him), i just wanted an excuse to mention sixteen horsepower's creep-tastic take on old country music. they're, well, creeptastic. i enjoyed low estate quite a bit.

don't get too used to this whole two posts a day thing. i'm on a manic kick.

I hear things

i spent a couple of hours last night repairing and cleaning the fan in my room. you see, it was dusty, and it squeaked whenever i turned it on. so i did that, the fan worked marvelously, and all was right in the world. then i get home from work this evening, and my fan had somehow stopped working.

the fan is dead. long live the fan.

loyal readers know about how i need a fan running in my room due to my tinnitus and all that. as a result, it's good that i get paid tomorrow, so i can buy a new industrial-strength fan.

(some disclosure: there are currently five (i think) fans in the apartment right now. you're probably now wondering why i'm going to buy another fan. well, the other fans aren't quite as powerful, and i want one that will blow all my papers around the room. let's talk about something other than fans, huh?)

maggie played the "maggie is" google game. since i share a name with a common noun and one of the richest men in the world, mine are pretty cool (if you edit out everything before "bill"):

bill is all about unions--not teachers.

bill is back on the table.

bill is the actual "anti-christ".

bill is a $200 billion disaster.

bill is a windfall for corporations but a pittance for workers.

bill is introduced in the senate. [hello, senators!]

bill is bad for america's telephone customers.

i'm not sure if anyone finds this as amusing as i do. if you do, there's plenty more.

i read an interview on www.chaturbaterooms.comwith julian casablancas from the strokes earlier this evening. the strokes are planning a new album, and julian said about that album, "we want to progress, but at the same time you still want that edge." this stuck with me, and i'll tell you why. any band that talks about having an "edge" just pisses me off--and i'm sure you realize just how many bands have therefore pissed me off over the years. "edge" means nothing. it's like saying something is "unique," or "sincere," or "inspired by limp bizkit." means nothing.

still nervous about the dentist. sarah scared me by throwing around words like "root canal." wish me luck.

The life and times of enamel

Really quickly today, as i woke up later than intended, dave's played the hell out of his new game in the past couple of days, and i'm working soon.

i'm really nervous about my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. considering how--thanks to a lack of dental insurance--i haven't been "checked out" (heheh) in at least two years. that, combined with the ever-present pain in my tooth, makes my mind run in circles about what s/he (my dentist's name is jan, so it could feasibly go either way) will tell me. will i just need a cavity filled? will it be root canal time in bill-ville? will i have to have my jaw wired shut, destined for a life of difficult talking and liquid nourishment?

i don't think i'm going to sleep well tonight.

what about the one with the sharp edged mouth and eyes

the one that looked into me with the irresponsible look

the one that now is saying

i must depend on something.

Taking your own life with boredom

so yesterday, while doing laundry (don't worry, i won't discuss doing laundry like i usually do), i had all these great things that i knew i should write in here. and as usual, by the time i got around to posting (e.g. right now), i'd forgotten pretty much everything i wanted to mention. maybe i should start writing my posts on my handspring...nah. that'd be a little too difficult to rationalize.

so anyway, i'm going to try my best to reconstruct everything i wanted to write about. in no particular order:

i finally--finally--reached my pain threshold in regards to my teeth, and have set up a dentist appointment for thursday. now i get to find out what exactly is wrong with my teeth.

many public thanks to sarah, for the plethora of reading material and mix that she sent my way. other than now being paralyzed in the face of which book to read first, i'm a happy man.

a corollary to the above--i enjoy receiving mail that is sent from an actual person. i'm not sure if that's a hint, or merely a i'll just say it's the latter.

i have now possibly misused two terms. i believe "corollary" is properly used, but i'm still not sure about the "e.g." used at the beginning. it essentially means "that is to say," doesn't it? and "i.e." is essentially "for example"? c'mon, i know that there are multiple former english majors out there. tell me if i'm wrong.

a decent amount of time was spent today looking at don't know why, so don't even ask. i was just engrossed in looking at black/death metal cover art, t-shirts, etc.--which becomes both interesting and slightly repulsive after some time. many moments were spent looking at a certain t-shirt (or whatever) and trying to figure out what exactly was portrayed on said item.

the long and the short of it is that once i finally figured out what was portrayed on this item, 90 percent of the time i regretted knowing. weird people, those metal people, with their pictures of autopsies and odd sexual behavior and all.

i had forgotten that at some point i had gotten the mp3 of the dead kennedy's "california uber alles." the ironic part is that i was actually looking for the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy version of the same song. either way is fine.

someone once told me about how they had once misread an ad or something mentioning gil scott-heron, thinking that it said gil scott-heroin. from what i've heard about his drugtastic ways (unfounded or no, i've heard it), that's amusing.

i think it's ironically amusing that barry manilow didn't actually write "i write the songs" (allmusic says that ex-beach boy bruce johnston wrote it).

i freely acknowledge that i overused forms of the words "ironic" and "amusing" in the past couple of entries. but i'm tired of editing myself, so i'll leave it as is.

beginning to kick myself for not going to see onelinedrawing last night. so i don't own the new album what? eh....i'm retarded.

my handspring is treating me quite well, thank you very much.

i think that movable type is having trouble keeping up with this post at this point, meaning that i've gone on too long. and i didn't even remember half of what i wanted to talk about. well, i'll be back in a bit, i'm sure.